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Web Address: westechmat.com
Exhibitor Description
Manufacturer's Rep serving the Southern California and Southern Nevada markets. We offer products for electronic OEM/EMS assembly, PCB rework & repair, clean room & medical lab equipment and supplies. Our line card includes PVA, Hakko, Indium, Desco, Scienscope, Excleta, Protektive Pak, Tech Spray, Production Basics, Menda, and BOFA. We provide services such as ESD Surveys, Soldering Tip maintenance, training and PCB cleaning.

Product and Services Categories
Antistatic,  Assemblies,  Assembly,  Bags,  Boxes,  Brazing,  Carts,  Chemicals,  Cleaning,  Coatings,  Cutting,  ESD,  Inspection,  Instruments,  Lab,  Labels,  Lead Free,  Medical,  Packaging,  PC Boards,  Rework And Repair,  Shielding,  Static Control,  Tools,  Vision,  Work Benches, 

Lines Represented
Robotic & Hand soldering, De-soldering, Hot Air, Pre-Heaters & Fume Extraction for electronic assembly. Thermal wire stripper for commercial, space and military applications.

Advanced Package, BGA & SMD Rework Systems. Automated Contactless Cleaning System for BGA & SMD component footprints. Reballing kits.

Low & high volume fume, chemical & dust extraction for hand soldering, wave & selective soldering, Fume Hoods for conformal coat & chemical applications.

Semi-automatic Depaneling Router, Electronic brush & brushless Torque Screwdrivers with Error-proofing power supplies, torque testers, screw feeders & spring balancers. Shear cutters, tweezers, pliers & screwdrivers.

Stamping, welded, riveted Contact Assemblies, Insert molding, reel-to-reel molding, brazed assemblies & cold forming. Precious metals in wire, strip & Ribbon including Paliney, Silver, Gold & copper alloys.

Static control products, including personal & workstation grounding, ESD table top and floor matting, continuous monitors, bench top & overhead ionization, floor finishes & ESD flooring, tape & signage.

Precision tweezers, cutters, pliers, lead forming & specialty tools, ranging from ultra to general precision for all applications. Wide range of cutting & stripping tweezers.

Solder Paste for no-clean, water wash, tin lead & lead free. Solder Wire, Preforms & Ribbons, Solder Bar & a variety of Fluxes for wave and rework applications. Thermal management solutions.

Finger touch liquid dispensing pumps & specialty tools including CircuitracersĀ®, Probes, Spudgers, ESD Vacuums, Workstation Organizers, ESD Brushes, Specialty Vinyl Sealed Products & Identification Badge Holders.

Ergonomic workstations. Basic Bolt & Nut design allowing for easy assembly & configuration. Easy-Lift electric & manual options. All metal workstation components are constructed of 11 -16 gauge steel.

ESD packaging, handling & shipping products, including in-plant handlers, storage containers, bin boxes. Plastek containers & Thermoformed kitting trays, conductive & dissipative foams, ESD tape, bags & tool carriers.

Precision dispensing, coating & custom automation systems. Products include fluid dispensing, optical bonding, curing, handling & inspection, meter mixing & micro dispensing.

Optical, Video, Measurement & X-Ray inspection systems. Component counters with 99.9% accurate in counting components on reels, tubes or packing. Easy software interface with fast repeatable reliability.

Electronic solvents, flux removers, conformal coatings, water-based inline/batch cleaners & vapor degreasers. Temporary solder mask & ESD products. Freeze spays, solder wick, rework & repair pens. Wipes, swabs & brushes.

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