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Since 1999, ICAPE Group has a long experience in the production of Printed Circuit Boards and Customized Technical Parts manufactured in China. In more than 70 countries, 1700 customers trust the quality services and offer of the group. Each month, ICAPE Group delivers 22 million PCBs and 5 million Technical Parts. In 2019, ICAPE Group achieved a revenue of USD 140M and aims for a growth of 20% in 2020. With its teams of 400 people worldwide and 75 strategic partners in Asia, 25 in Printed Circuit Boards and 50 in Technical Parts, ICAPE Group brings the best supply solutions. The service Office is located in China with 210 highly qualified employees. Our global sales organization allows us to be closer to the production plants and to satisfy your needs in Printed Circuit Boards and Technical Parts, with the best quality/price/service ratios, while respecting the ethical charter established by the group on all its partners. Our main mission is to guarantee a quality service throughout the entire process: from quotation to delivery to any customer anywhere around the world. ICAPE Group focuses on developing its online presence and continues to better serve its customers. If you want to buy Printed Circuit Boards online, connect to www.icapeshop.com. If you want to buy Custom-made Technical Parts connect to www.cipemshop.com.

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Antennas,  Assemblies,  Assembly,  Boxes,  Cable,  Cable Assemblies,  CNC,  Coils,  Connectors,  Extrusions,  Flex Circuits,  HDI,  Heat sinks,  Inductors,  Keyboards/ Keypads,  Molded Parts,  PC Boards,  Plastic Molded Products,  Power Supplies,  Prototyping,  Rigid - Flex,  Transformers,  Wire & Cable, 
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