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S2C is a global leader of FPGA prototyping solutions for today's innovative SoC/ASICFPGA/Algorithm designs. S2C has been successfully delivering rapid SoC prototyping solutions since 2004. S2C's Prodigy FPGA Prototyping system has been widely adopted by many leading SoC/ASIC and System design companies. The Prodigy Logic System series is a compact, sleek, all-in-one, modular Lego-like design for maximum flexibility, durability and portability. AMD-Xilinx and Intel-Altera FPGA devices are widely used in Prodigy Logic Systems. We have over 90 interface and memory daughter boards to build your design quickly. Our Prodigy FPGA high speed hardware is jumper-less and fully controlled by our PlayerPro runtime software. Prodigy Player Pro enables you to control the target Prodigy logic hardware directly from the same software console, through either Ethernet or USB connections. All system features can be controlled remotely through USB or Ethernet. Automatic detection of daughter cards when plugged in. Easy monitoring I/O voltages, currents and temperatures. Player Pro also provides virtual LED indicators, push-buttons and switches that you can use just like real hardware. Virtual UART for are available for convenient firmware debugging. PlayerPro can be used with a GUI or Tcl user interface. Many more of S2C's hardware and software products can be viewed on our web site at www.s2ceda.com Advanced Debug, multi-FPGA partitioning, and FPGA-Assisted Verification Tool called ProtoBridge.

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ASIC Design,  Automatic Test Equipment / ATE,  Design,  Embedded,  Engineering Services,  Firm Ware,  Hardware,  HDI,  Internet of Things (IoT),  Memory,  Microprocessors,  Printed Circuit Boards ,  Prototyping,  Semiconductor Devices,  Software Tools,  Systems,  Test & Measurement,  Test Equipment,  Testing, 

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FPGA prototyping platform for SOC / ASIC / FPGA and Algorithm development

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