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The Printed Circuit Engineering Association® (PCEA) is an international network of engineers, designers, fabricators, assemblers, and anyone related to printed circuit development. Our mission is to promote printed circuit engineering as a profession by encouraging and facilitating the exchange of information and the integration of new design concepts through education, certification, communications, seminars, and workshops. This is facilitated by a network of local, regional, virtual PCEA-affiliated chapters and the support of our sponsors.

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PCEA Announces Elections for Board of Directors

In accordance with the PCEA Bylaws, section 9.3, Directors shall be elected at each annual meeting of the Membership for two (2) year terms. In accordance with our bylaws, candidates for the board of directors were solicited from the active membership earlier this year, and the Nominating Task Force has nominated candidates for each director position.

All PCEA members in good standing are eligible to vote for the board of directors. An email was sent on July 27 to all PCEA members active as of that date.

The new board will be formally announced at the next PCEA annual meeting, scheduled for October 4, 2022, from 6 to 7 pm at the Santa Clara (CA) Convention Center, in conjunction with PCB West 2022.

The nominees are:

Stephen Chavez, CID+: Stephen a senior printed circuit engineer with three decades’ experience. He is senior marketing manager for Siemens Digital Industries, and previously spent 10 years as a staff engineer and global technical lead of PCB design for the Electronic Systems Center (ESC) division of Collins Aerospace. He is an IPC Certified Master Instructor Trainer (MIT) for PCB design and an IPC Certified Advanced PCB Designer. He is the current chairman of the PCEA. An active IPC member since 2003, he is currently involved in several subcommittees including specifications IPC-6012, IPC-2221/2222.

Tomas Chester, P.Eng., CPCD: Tomas has over a decade of experience designing hardware products through all phases of its lifecycle. He has managed a variety of multifaceted, interdisciplinary projects, from simple interconnect interfaces to complex microprocessors. His creative designs utilize cutting-edge manufacturing techniques, while adhering to strict industry standards and specifications. He has extensive experience designing standalone single-sided circuit boards, as well as multi-board assemblies with mechanical integration. With an engineering systems and computing degree from The University of Guelph, he now shares his knowledge by instructing Altium and PCB engineering design courses.

Michael Creeden, CID+: Mike has over 44 years of industry experience as an educator, PCB designer, applications engineer and business owner. As technical director of design education at Insulectro, he helps OEMs and fabricators achieve design success for best material utilization. He was a primary contributor for the CID+ curriculum, developed of the Certified Printed Circuit Designer curriculum and certification program, and a founder of the Printed Circuit Engineering Association. He founded San Diego PCB Design.

Douglass Dixon: Doug specializes in consulting and implementing successful marketing programs that utilize the latest in marketing technology. As an electronics veteran, Doug has worked in the industry for over 30 years for companies like Henkel, Universal Instruments, Camelot Systems and Raytheon. His industry experience includes a broad skill set that includes engineering, field service, applications, product management and marketing communications. At Henkel, his role was centered on strategic communications initiatives that significantly raised the company’s profile within the global electronics market. During that tenure he also championed multiple service initiatives on behalf of the company that made a positive impact on local communities. These include Think Together, a California-based organization dedicated to encouraging children to stay in school.

Tara Dunn: Tara has over 20 years of experience in electronics manufacturing, sales and marketing, focused on additive technologies, flex/rigid flex, HDI, RF microwave designs, and microelectronics. As vice president of marketing and business development for Averatek, Tara is responsible for technical engagement with the commercial and government sectors. She is also a director of the PCEA.

Gary Ferrari: Gary has extensive experience in electronic packaging with an emphasis on PCB design and manufacturing. He has held senior operations, quality and engineering positions at OEMs and suppliers, and served as executive director and cofounder of the IPC Designers Council. He has served on a number of IPC technical committees, including the IPC-2221/2222 Design subcommittee, and chaired the IPC Technical Activities Executive Committee. He has written numerous technical articles and provided design for manufacture (DfM) consulting services to the industry. Ferrari spearheaded IPC’s highly successful PWB Designers Certification Program, which has trained and recognized over 6,000 designers to date. He received the IPC President’s Award in 1990 and the IPC Raymond E. Pritchard Hall of Fame Award in 2015, recognizing his contributions to the electronic interconnection industry and the association.

Justin Fleming, CPCD, CID+: Justin is a design engineer with LiveWire, laying foundational groundwork for companywide PCBA design policy, and designing cutting edge electric motorcycles. He has five years’ experience as a circuit design engineer with companies such as FLIR and Harley-Davidson, plus seven years as a technician working with all aspects of the electronics industry from semiconductor manufacturing at Microchip to production builds of Applied Materials semiconductor tools and DoD-contracted defense technologies, also at FLIR. He has a bachelor’s in electrical engineering with a minor in applied mathematics from Oregon Institute of technology, as well as associate’s in philosophy and general science from Mt. Hood Community College.

Richard Hartley: Rick, a retired senior principal engineer at L-3 Avionics Systems, is principal of RHartley Enterprises, through which he consults and teaches internationally. His focus is on the correct design of circuits and PC boards to prevent and/or resolve EMI, noise and signal integrity problems. He has consulted with major corporations in the US and 14 other countries. His career has focused on computers, telecommunications and aircraft avionics, as well as medical, automotive and appliances. He has taught seminars at numerous conferences, including the IEEE EMC Symposium, PCB West, IPC Apex Expo and others. He is on the board of directors of the PCEA, a past member of the Editorial Review Board of Printed Circuit Design magazine and has written numerous technical papers and articles on methods to control noise, EMI and signal integrity.

Scott McCurdy: Scott is director of sales and marketing for Freedom CAD Services, which he joined in 2007. He is president of the PCEA Orange County Chapter. Prior to joining Freedom CAD, Scott was CEO and president of McCurdy Circuits, a leading PCB fabricator in California.

Susy Webb, CID: Susy is a senior PCB designer with 40 years of experience. Her career includes experience in coastal and oceanographic oil exploration and monitoring equipment, point-to-point microwave network systems, and CPCI and ATX computer motherboards. Webb is a regular speaker at PCB West and international design conferences and consults for individual companies and PCEA chapters. She is CID certified, a former writer/columnist for PCD&F, a chapter writer for Clyde Coombs’ Printed Circuits Handbook, and one of the judges for the annual TLA competition. Webb is also an active member of the PCEA Executive Board and education committee and is past president of the Houston Chapter of the Designers Council.

Anaya Vardya: President and CEO, American Standard Circuits, Anaya has over 35 years’ experience in electronics manufacturing in the US, Canada and the Far East. He was previously COO of Coretec and senior VP operations of Merix (both now part of TTM). He was also corporate development manager at Continental Circuits. Prior to that he had a variety of management and non-management positions in IBM Endicott and IBM Austin. He has a master’s in chemical engineering from the University of Cincinnati. He is author of Fundamentals of Printed Circuit Board Technologies.

Eriko Yamato: Eriko is a sales and marketing professional with over 15 years of experience in business development and marketing of computer hardware/software, EMC/RF/wireless test products, copper foil, laminates, and electronic components. She is currently OEM business development manager at Panasonic Industrial Devices, and previously was marketing manager/QTA Manager at Oak-Mitsui.


Tackling EMI/EMC Challenges: One Rule at a Time

Join Harry Kennedy Jr. on August 11 (note new date!) for a special 90-minute webinar on EMI/EMC. If you are not a signal integrity (SI) expert, the thought of EMI/EMC issues might bring you chills. As PCB simulation tools continue to improve, it’s important to incorporate signal integrity checks early in the design process. Instead of waiting for the analysis results after laying out your PCB, why not implement best practices into your verification process.

This webinar, free to all PCEA members, will look at common EMI/EMC issues, and how they can be traced back to design best practices. It will also look at how to can use rule-based verification to automatically check for indicators, saving time and money.

This workshop is meant for beginner to mid-level PCB designers and SI engineers. The purpose of this workshop is to add a skillset that helps free up the time of the SI expert. This workshop also encourages users to add best practices into their current workflow by adopting this methodology. This workshop can be done with generic DfE and DfM tools.

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July 2022

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