My Leads App - Retrieval Systems "My Leads"
New Smart Phone App, Bar Code Reader $100 (2 users)
All Attendees and Exhibitors are printed badges with their personal information in a 2D barcode.

You can scan the badges with My Leads 2.0 Smart Phone App After Scanning a barcode the "My Leads" App shows a form with all the badge owners data. You can edit the data and add notes right on your smart phone.

Then you save the data to a csv file and move on to next badge to be scanned.You can go back and edit or review any contact at any time, you can even use your voice to add notes.

The file can be exported whenever you want to any computer or phone you choose by sending an email.

Works on any Android 4.0.3+ or IOS 7+ Smart Phone.
Also you have contacts on your smart phone for 6 months following the show until app expires.

Click Here to download IOS App.

Click Here to download Android App

You will be given 2 user-names and passwords per license ordered

Click Here for 2 Minute Instructional Video!

For a badge sample to try Click Here