Wednesday 10:00 AM - Mission Towers - CMTC Room

Program Description :

Strategic and Succession Planning
Are you considering the possibility of transitioning out of your business?
If so, who will succeed you? And will they be ready to take the reins?
Or, are you thinking of selling your business outright?
In any case, the process will require careful planning, development and strategy…and will take time to build the right plan.

This session will present the options available to you and your company as you move into this exciting phase of your life. The following questions will be answered:
• How do we prepare the next generation (or employees) to successfully take over the company?
• What are the challenges facing us during the transition process?
• How do we position the company for optimum value to a potential buyer?
• What resources are available to us as we explore the possibilities?
The presenter will share stories and insight into the world of succession and exit strategies.


Registration Requested:

Larry Kirsch

Lawrence Kirsch An experienced strategic planning and tactical marketing veteran, Larry Kirsch has helped companies such as Rainbird, GlaxoSmithKline, and Space Maintainer Laboratories increase their profitability through clear and effective strategies. L

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