Wednesday 3:00 PM - Mission Towers - Digi Key Room

Program Description :

The complexity of needs in today’s hybrid circuitry such as RF, HSD & Antenna is becoming common to find all types of circuitry on one board.

Today’s circuits are being located on many mediums such as Rigid Boards, Flex, Printed Electronics, or Nano Deposition. Learn how innovations with hybrid materials help solve most all hybrid circuit challenges.

Hybrid boards are not new to the industry, but many of the solutions are based on outdated constructs, and it’s time for some innovation.

With this presentation, attendees will receive many examples of how to construct and solve a board with almost all the concerns of today’s 5G performance challenges:
Dense HS-Digital, RF and antennas, and many more addressing HDI solvability, Signal Integrity/ EMI, PDN and improved manufacturability. Attendees will receive an understanding of basic EM Theory with a strong emphasis placed on material and process solutions that help routing issues.

This starts with data capture, rules definition, tool automation, and routing perspectives from the start of the layout cycle, all the way to the review and verification stages, into the generation of deliverables for manufacturing. Emphasis is on the role that EM fields play to manage your circuit to be cost-effective, perform well electrically and be a reliable high-yield product. We will touch on all types of circuit technologies in many market segments.

Focus is on integration between design and manufacturing early in the development cycle, to build a product that is correct-by-construction and performs on Revision-1.

We will cover a wide range of topics, including:
• Hybrid material selection for Rigid, Rigid, and Flex
• Rationale for considering HDI
• Placement, Routing Techniques, Power Delivery, EMI Shielding
• Technological challenges from design through the manufacturing process

Students will learn what it takes to successfully implement these concerns:
• Complex HDI Solvability
• High-speed, RF and Thermal Performance
• High Yield and Reliable Manufacturability

Michael Creeden

Technical Director Design Education

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