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TestEquity provides smart, flexible solutions for testing, electronic production and tool kit needs. We’re partners and trusted advisers to customers across the aerospace, defense, automotive, electronics, education, and medical industries, guaranteeing access to solutions needed, when they need them, and at the right price, through an extensive in-stock product inventory.

Product and Services Categories
ESD,  Ovens,  Soldering Materials,  Tools, 

Lines Represented
Adhesives and safety products

Network Analyser, RF Signal Generator, Spectrum Analyser

Torque drivers, wrenches, equipment

Ac Power Analyser, Meter, Signal Generator

Labels and printers

AC Power Analyser, DC Power Supply, Electronic Load, Hipot, Meter

ESD products

Precision hand tools

Infrared Thermometer, Meter, Thermal Imaging

Ac Power Analyser, Calibrator, Handheld Multimeter, Oscilloscope, Signal Generators

Soldering equipment, fume extraction

AC Power Analyzer, Calibrator, Data Acquisition, Fiber Optic, LCR Impedance, signal Generator

Soldering product and chemicals

Power Analyzer, Power Supply, Electronic Load, Meter, Oscilloscope, Signal Generator, Spectrum Analyzer

Manufactures and markets complex electronic instruments for high-performance production testing, process monitoring, product development and research. The Company has approximately 500 products used to source, measure, connect, control or communicate dire

Solder products and chemicals, Kester is a leading global supplier of assembly materials to the electronic assembly, component and micro-electronic marketplaces.

Spectrum and Network Analyzers, RF Generators, Power Meters, Digital Multimeters, Dataloggers, ARB/Signal Generators, Oscilloscopes, AC and DC Power Supplies, Loads, Counters, Microwave Components


DC Power Supply, Electronic Load

Soldering equipment, fume extraction

Metcal is a leading global brand of bench tools solutions delivering the optimal balance of performance and reliability for the electronics production assembly.

Material handling racks and carts

Rohde & Schwarz RF, Microwave, Communications Instruments. Spectrum analyzers. Network analyzers, RF signal generators, RF power meters, audio analyzers.

DC Power Supply, Electric Load

Chemicals, soldering accessories, cleaning wipes

A world leader in test, measurement and monitoring technology manufacturing; Oscilloscopes - Logic Analyzers - Bit Error Rate Testers - Signal Generators - Spectrum Analyzers - Digital Multimeters - DC Power Supplies - Frequency - Counters & Timers - Pro

Environmental Chambers for Temperature and Humidity Testing, Ovens - manufactured by TestEquity.

Ethernet/Sonet/SDH/PDH Testers, Optical Network Testers, OTDRs, Optical Spectrum Analyzers, Optical Power Meters, Optical Light Sources, Optical Attenuators, and more.

Soldering equipment, fume extraction, tools

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