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Exhibitor Description
Beam Profilers, Displays, Thermoelectric Modules, Injection Molding, Sensors, Tunable Bandpass Filters, Tunable Lenses, UVC Upper Air Disinfection System, UVC LEDs, Microfluidic Design and Production, Custom Heat Sinks, Fluoropolymer parts.

Product and Services Categories
Biotech,  Calibration Products,  Detectors,  Diodes,  Displays,  Disposables,  Heat sinks,  Instruments,  Medical,  Motion Control,  Opto Electronics,  Plastic Injection Molding,  Power Distribution,  Sensors,  Thermal, 

Lines Represented
Microfluidic Engineering Services Prototype to Production ISO 13485; FDA Compliant Cartridges, Pumps, Valves

UVC LED (254-275nm) Low to High Power 5, 100, 150, 200 mW

Beam Profiling Cameras, Scanning Slit Beam Profilers, ISO 11146

Si and InGaAs Detectors and APD’s, X-Ray Detection, Thermopiles & Pyro Sensors, Optoelectronic Subassemblies, Applications for LiDAR Motion Detection, & Energy Conservation

Displays of all types, Electro Optic Components & Subsystems including: Laser Diodes, Detectors, Leds, Displays. Custom Lasers.

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