Wednesday 10:00 AM - Mission Towers - Room C

Program Description :

A career is often a choice between one major and another, and then between one job and another. But if you look at it from a broad perspective, it can look like a network of near infinite choices filled with opportunities and pitfalls. If one is to have a successful career, we should look for guides that can help us along the way. What if these guides are not mentors or coaches, but ways of thinking? What if your own paradigms can be leveraged to create a rewarding career off the curve, not on it? By looking at your career as a business enterprise, we can then address the various opportunities and threats in the way a business works to thrive, not survive. This presentation touches upon the connection of a successful businesss and a successful career, and how to utilize those time tested principals to reorganize a career into a business enterprise.

Alberto (al) Ramirez

Senior bilingual executive (President, COO, entrepreneur and founder) with technology companies ranging from Fortune 50 to start-ups in the medical device, biotech and I/T industries with an engineering degree and two patents.

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