Wednesday 3:00 PM - Mission Towers - Room C

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No-clean flux Is the most common flux being removed today. More than RMA and Water-soluble fluxes combined! Cleaning no-clean fluxes seems like an oxymoron. While cleaning no-clean flux may seem redundant, counter-intuitive, and even illogical, there are a multitude of reasons so many assemblers are now cleaning assemblies reflowed with no-clean fluxes. When no-clean flux was first introduced in the late 1980's, so many things were different such as components, soldering methods, board designs, applications, solder alloys, and in-use climactic environments. The residue tolerance of circuit assemblies is substantially less today than it was when the concept of using a no-clean flux was first introduced. This presentation will cover the reasons assemblers are now cleaning their assemblies reflowed with no-clean flux. Contamination-related failure mechanisms will be reviewed and residue tolerance assessment considerations will be discussed. Is residue removal appropriate for your assemblies? Maybe, maybe not. Join us for an informative discussion on the subject of cleaning no-clean and determine if it is right for your assemblies. Brought to you by the Printed Circuit Engineering Association San Diego Chapter.

Mike Konrad

Mike Konrad has been in the electronics assembly equipment industry since 1985 and founded Aqueous Technologies in 1992.

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