Wednesday 11:00 AM - Mexican Plaza - Digi Key Room

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SinkPAD is a thermal management Printed Circuit Board (PCB) technology that conducts heat out of an LED more efficiently than conventional MCPCBs. It offers superior thermal performance for medium- to high-power LEDs. It is also the most cost-effective and scalable direct thermal path MCPCB solution for LED applications. SinkPAD technology boasts significantly higher thermal efficiency compared to even the best MCPCBs on the market. For example, aluminum-based SinkPAD PCBs transfer heat at a rate of 210.0 W/mK, and copper-based SinkPAD PCBs transfer heat at a rate of 385.0 W/mK — while conventional MCPCBs have a heat transfer rate of only 1-5 W/mK.


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Kris Vasoya


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