Wednesday 10:00 AM - Mission Towers - Room C

Program Description :

PCB designers today must take advantage of the automation and horsepower in our respective EDA tools. We just don’t simply “connect the dots” or “push the magic button,” as some suggest. We design complex PCBs that contain physical packages smaller than ever, but we are also addressing electrical, mechanical, and thermal variables in a much higher level of complexity due to today’s industry evolution, not to mention the need to design it faster while cutting costs and resources. We are designing PCBs that contain signal speeds and edge rates faster than ever. As if the electrical and mechanical design complexity of a PCB weren’t enough of a challenge, add in manufacturing and producibility complexities. All this makes designing entire complex systems a true challenge indeed. Simply put, success in PCB design means knowing and understanding what you are doing and how the decisions you make and implement upstream impact downstream ramifications. With today’s EDA tools, harnessing the horsepower and capitalizing on their full capability, when possible, can be a huge difference in getting it right the first time, reducing respins (cost), increasing yields, and ultimately getting to market faster. This session focuses on how to harness the horsepower of your respective EDA tool, optimize your internal processes, and share both good and not so good experiences in PCB design. We will discuss industry best practices within the design process, along with the pros and cons that affect ROI when best practice recipes are implemented and when they are not implemented (the cost of doing nothing). What you will learn: • Increase productivity and proficiency with current/future EDA software (automation) • How to capitalize on existing known good hardware by taking advantage of IP reuse • Benefits of implementing best practices and the cost of doing nothing (remaining status quo).

Stephen V. Chavez


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